Welcome to the website of Center for Theology of Migration (CThM) is the academic and ministerial center of Samen Kerk in Nederland, at the Faculty of Religion and Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. CThM focuses on two major areas; education and research. CThM offers a one-year postgraduate program for migrant pastors (to be), church workers, and clergies. CThM is also involved in scientific research in the fields of migration and Christianity, the role of migrant churches in the Netherlands and in the West, and the dynamics between migrant churches and society.

Are you a migrant clergy, a migrant pastor, or a church worker, then join us at the Center for Theology of Migration. We would more than glad to welcome you here at one of the most prestigious faculties of religion and theology in the world, at the Vrije Universiteit. 

Dr. Samuel Lee, Director

Center for Theology of Migration

Image by Kyle Glenn

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